We are an Asian-rooted Global Studio, established in the Middle East and Europe, crafting Unique and Tailored designs across the World
We craft unique designs with an open yet bold mindset

Brands We Work With

"Each project unfolds like layers, weaving together an enchanting exploration that intertwines a sense of discovery with an authentic connection to the site" ALVARO PAREDES PRINCIPAL
Each design is tailored to bring our client's vision to life in its specific location

Our Roots and Philosophy

Founded in 2016, DesignLab emerged from the shared passion of three partners for hospitality, design, and travel.

Our goal: to conceptualize and deliver projects with a keen awareness of place, culture, and people. With extensive hospitality design experience, we are a dynamic studio that embraces every project facet, from initial site discovery to the final product.

We eschew predetermined design styles, approaching each project uniquely. Site, local culture, and client/operator visions converge in a holistic design approach. Bringing designs to life is a collaborative effort, engaging closely with other consultants, operators, and clients.

Fuelled by a love for global exploration and diverse cultures, we’ve undertaken exciting projects in incredible locations. Our story at DesignLab is inspired by a passion for travel, hospitality, and design.

We are a creative studio backed by years of hospitality design experience


Leadership Leadership
Alvaro Paredes PRINCIPAL Virginie de Paeuw PARTNER | HEAD OF THE
Alvaro Paredes

Alvaro Paredes brings with him almost 15 years of design expertise in the hospitality world. His unwavering zeal for exploration and global discovery led him from his Spanish roots to the vibrant landscapes of Asia, where he honed his skills with a prominent design hospitality firm before DesignLab. Alvaro’s relentless passion for travel, hospitality, and design serves as the driving force behind the narrative of DesignLab.

At the helm, Alvaro charts the course for the studio, shaping its strategic vision and meticulously overseeing each project’s journey from inception to completion.

His portfolio boasts collaborations with esteemed brands such as Aman Resorts, Cheval Blanc, GHM, Mandarin Oriental, and Park Hyatt, spanning diverse locales from the Middle East and the Caribbean to Asia and Europe. Alvaro Paredes, through DesignLab, continues to redefine the very essence of hospitality design.

“Our goal is to design memorable moments through an authentic connection to the site”

Alvaro Paredes
Paul Francey

Paul Francey, a seasoned professional in hospitality design, has over two decades of expertise, leading successful luxury projects across all five continents.

Before co-founding DesignLab, Paul’s international experiences—from Spain to Malaysia, Fiji, and Macau—have enriched his design perspective, serving as a wellspring of inspiration. With a career spanning over two decades, Paul strategically integrates his extensive knowledge into every aspect of his work, covering master planning, conceptualization, and detailed design documentation. This solid foundation supports his seamless transition into on-site visits and the meticulous oversight of construction administration.

Paul’s portfolio showcases collaborations with distinguished brands such as Aman Resorts, Cheval Blanc, GHM, Mandarin Oriental, Park Hyatt, and One&Only, spanning various countries and continents. In the dynamic realm of hospitality design, Paul Francey stands as a distinguished professional, contributing significantly to the landscape of luxury and innovation.

“We craft designs that vividly narrate the tale of a place, its owner and the brand”

Paul Francey
Virginie de Paeuw

Virginie brings nearly two decades of design expertise to the corporate arena. Hailing from Belgium, her professional journey has been marked by a passion for exploring new cultures and design schools, leading her to reside in diverse countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, and Spain. Prior to co-founding DesignLab, she contributed her talents to renowned design houses like Kengo Kuma Associates and Denniston International.

Virginie’s adaptable style, coupled with a comprehensive approach to the design process, empowers her to create architecture and interiors with a keen sensitivity to detail and scale. Her corporate portfolio boasts collaborations with prestigious brands, including Aman Resorts, Cheval Blanc, GHM, Mandarin Oriental, and Park Hyatt, spanning locations as diverse as Mexico, Gabon, Tokyo, France, the UAE, Bali, and Portugal. Virginie’s impactful contributions to the world of design reflect her commitment to excellence and a nuanced understanding of global aesthetics.

“We embrace timelessness through refined simplicity and an elegance that whispers luxury”

Virginie de Paeuw