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Luxury Mountain Lifestyle Resort

The site, located on topt of the Bavi Mountain looking over the might of the Red River, is spectacular yet peaceful in its setting. Memorable sunsets and spectacular mornings in the mist of the archeological area of the French colonial era will welcome the guests.
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Mandarin Oriental Bai Nom

A modern interpretation of the Asian architecture, big overhangs and elegant roof lines set amid pristine nature. Nestled within a tropical landscape on one of the most beautiful bays across Vietnam. The picture- perfect site is surrounded by bountiful nature including cliffs and hills looking at an almost a kilometer pristine white sand beach.
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Retreat Resort in Hung Yen

Inspired by the Hanoi Opera House, the French architecture acts as an elegant backdrop for the Vietnamese art and life to shine. Clean lines abd strong connection with the natural surroundings, east and west, light and dark materials, the design is a continuous game of contrast that will follow the guest from the arrival to the whole journey across the resort.